"I've never worked with a contractor that I received so many calls from the general public offering compliments of the work done! By far, Cecil Perry exceeded all expectations!" Lorie Braus, City of Morgan City
Commercial Projects
Fed Ex, Ground Facility
Completed: 2011
Contract Amount: $1,005,241.00
FedEx Ground Facility is a 13 acre site and a 60,000 square foot warehouse. CPI was awarded the contract by Gerace Construction out of Midland, MI to perform the site work. CPI moved or imported 40,000 CY of dirt, processed 23,376 square yards of soil cement, and installed 8,000 tons of stone. The projected time for completion of the project was 4 months with no rain days. CPI performed all phases of work with plenty of time to spare.
Halliburton Gulf Coast Manufacturing
Completed: Completed
Contract Amount: $2,154,368.00
CPI was awarded the first phase of Halliburton Gulf Coast Manufacturing Facility coulee realignment project. This project was the beginning of a 65 million dollar investment which will comprise of over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. On the first phase of the project CPI moved 30,000 cubic yards of material and installed over 43,000 square feet of articulating block revetment. Due to the excellence in CPI’s performance on the first phase, we were awarded the second phase in the project. This consisted of 1.5 million dollars in additional work which consisted of 40,000 cubic yards of import fill and 30,000 square yards of cement stabilization.
MI Swaco Phase I and Phase II
Completed: December 2012
Contract Amount: $753,000.00
MI Swaco upgrades were completed in two different phases due to owner requirements. The job consisted of over 7,000 square yards of eight inch concrete paving, storm drainage piping, and an installation of an eight inch stone base. MI Swaco is a regular client with whom CPI thoroughly enjoys working with.
LaNeuville Substation
Completed: 2014
Contract Amount: $495,000.00
On March 19, 2014, CPI was awarded the contract for the new LUS substation located at the intersection of Bonin Rd and La Nuvelle. Work will consist of drainage, embankment, stallation of limestone, clearing and grubbing, and construction of concrete slabs.
Foreman Oaks
Completed: 2014
Contract Amount: $112,000.00
On March 27, 2014, CPI was awarded the contract for Foreman Oaks Subdivision addition. Work will consist of storm drainage, earthwork, concrete sidewalks and driveways, and asphalt paving. Completion of project is scheduled for mid May.
Franks International
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $1,300,000.00
In June 2014 we were awarded this project. Work will consist of excavation, embankment, drainage, concrete and asphalt removal, and lime stabilization. This project will be completed in phases. Estimated time of completion is summer of 2015
Bell Helicopter
Completed: 2015
Contract Amount: $3,000,000.00
Work will be at the Lafayette Regional Airport. Work will consists of excavation, embankment, limestone base, drainage structures, and concrete paving. Estimated time of completion is summer of 2015
Ambassador Town Center
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $10,000,000.00
Ambassador Town Center is located at the intersection of Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom Rd. in Lafayette, LA. It is one of the largest developments that is being worked on right now in Lafayette. In total there will be 35,000 cubic yards of dirt and 20,000 square yards of concrete installed. We will also install 11,000 linear feet of drainage pipe. A few challenges that we have already had to face is the amount of rain and poor soil conditions.
Chateau Mirage Channel
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $655,730.00
This project has about 106,000 cubic yards of dirt and 170 linear feet of drainage pipe. It will take approximately three months to finish. The canal will be twenty feet deep and roughly 200 feet from top of the bank to the other side of the bank. There are some ponds on the property that we will have to remove the existing water.