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Transportation Projects
Chemin Metairie Bridge
Completed: 2011
Contract Amount: $531,988.33
Chemin Metairie Bridge was designed and administered by the Lafayette Consolidated Government. It entails the construction of a box culvert with an associated roadway. CPI was the acting prime contractor on the project and self performed 95% of all work done. The project consisted of structural concrete, soil cement base work, and storm drainage piping.
Realignment of Hwy 92
Completed: Completed
Contract Amount: $3,327,700.00
CPI was awarded the realignment project by the City of Youngsville. The roundabout was designed by Fenstermaker. In the original contract it was designed using concrete pavement to construct the roundabout portion and then asphalt for the 3,000 linear feet of roadway connected to the roundabout. However, with CPI’s experienced project managers they were able to provide another engineering option to convert the majority of the asphalt roadway to concrete. Being that this proposal saved the owner money and provided a better pavement section, it was accepted. The quantities included movement of over 65,000 cubic yards of dirt, stabilizing 13,500 square yards of lime and soil cement, relocating existing water and sewer utilties, subsurface drainge, and over 17,000 square yards of 8 inch concrete pavement.
Lincoln Road Street & Drainage Improvements
Completed: 2011
Contract Amount: $1,987,920.00
Lincoln Road Street and Drainage Improvements began in late 2010. The project scope entailed over 4,000 cubic yards of drainage pipe, over 100 drainage strucutures, 2,000 tons of stone, and almost 7,000 square yards of 8" portland cement concrete paving.
Camellia Boulevard Phase IA
Completed: 2011
Contract Amount: $3,064,472.00
CPI was awarded the Johnston Street and Camellia Boulevard intersection project in early 2010. The project, designed by Domingue, Szabo, and Associates, at the time was only the second intersection of its type in the state. The intersection, named, “continuous flow”, allows eight lanes of traffic to move through the intersection at one time. Cecil Perry Improvements’ work included over 2,000 linear feet of drainage, 10,000 square yards of lime stabilization, 5,000 tons of stone, 10,000 square yards of eight inch concrete paving and 2,000 square yards of reinforced eight inch median caps with drains all under traffic. CPI delivered the project twenty percent ahead of schedule.
Chemin Metairie Parkway Phase II
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $9,020,487.00
Chemin Metairie Parkway is CPI’s largest contract in the company’s history totaling a little over nine million dollars. The project consists of 2.5 miles of roadway and intersection improvements at Highway 90. During the construction of this project, CPI will move over 300,000 cubic yards of dirt, process 70,000 square yards of cement and place over 30,000 cubic yards of concrete. This project is scheduled to begin in November of 2011 and be complete in approximately 24 months
Bonin and Chemin Metairie Roadway Improvements
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $2,943,215.00
Thanks to the City of Youngsville CPI has been awarded the project of repairing Bonin Road and Chemin Metairie Road. These two roads are heavily traveled by Youngsville residents and were in major need of repair. This is the third project that was originally designed with asphalt but was converted to concrete because of CPI’s ability to provide concrete paving, which is superior in strength, at nearly the same cost. Throughout the course of the project CPI workers will install 9,269 LF of subsurface drainage, 107 drainage structures, and 14,500 square yards of 8” PCC and base.
East Pont Des Mouton
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $11,840,516.13
This is the largest contract in Cecil Perry Improvement's history. We will be installing new drainage and widening the existing road way to four lanes. The new roadway will be concrete and will span from I-49 to Louisiana Avenue. This project is projected to last two years.
Ryan Street Exit Ramp
Completed: 2015
Contract Amount: $4,867,356.15
Cecil Perry Improvements will be construction two exits at Ryan Street and Lakeshore Drive off of I-10. The exit roadways will be constructed of concrete. We will also be installing new storm drainage. This project is projected to last ten months.
LA 92 Roundabout
Completed: 2014
Contract Amount: $470,000.00
Work began in June 2014. This is a project for the City of Youngsville. We are currently 75% complete. Work consists of soil cement sub-grade, limestone base, and concrete paving. In addition, we will be installing 1,500 feet of sidewalks.
Ambassador Caffery Turn Lane
Completed: September 2014
Contract Amount: $340,000.00
Work began in June 2014. This is the turning lane for the new Whole Foods grocery store and shopping center that is located at Settlers Trace and Ambassador Caffery. Work consists of concrete paving, concrete sidewalks, drainage structures, and incidental concrete paving.
I-49 Ramp Improvements
Completed: 2015
Contract Amount: $467,469.72
The I-49 Carencro Exit Ramp in Carencro, LA received improvements. Working with DOTD Cecil Perry Improvements, LLC poured 1,550 square yards of concrete and we had 1,200 square yards of lime. We also had 1,000 cubic yards of dirt. This contract was completed in three months.
Hugh Wallis and Kaliste Saloom
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $1,099,213.00
This project is located at the intersection of Hugh Wallis and Kaliste Saloom Rd..Cecil Perry Improvements will be working with Lafayette Conservative Government. When finished this project will have 2,000 square yards of stone, 650 cubic yards of dirt and we will be installing 300 linear feet of pipe. We will be pouring 2,000 square yards of concrete for new pavement. The estimated completion is four months.
Walter Drive & St. Anne Street
Completed: In Progress
Contract Amount: $338,449.39
Cecil Perry Improvements will be working with the City of Carencro to complete this project in 45 working days. In total there will be 500 cubic yards of dirt, 300 linear feet of pipe, and we will pour 330 square yards of ashpalt.